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 C-CUE Services

Leadership Meetings

School leaders who are purposeful, passionate, and reflective about their work, and who engage in sustained exchange of ideas with colleagues, have greater potential to transform and lead schools that ensure student achievement.  Each year C-CUE sponsors a series of Leadership Meetings for the leaders of urban Christian schools in the Chicago area.  These meetings provide a forum for their reflection, professional growth, and exchange of ideas.


The intent of this effort is to:

  • provide opportunities for school leaders to build collegial relationships,

  • promote the exchange of ideas relevant to the professional growth of school leaders, and

  • support school leaders in facilitating effective practices that positively impact student learning.


Teacher Recognition

Great teachers deserve recognition. Teaching has never been easy and it takes heart, commitment and passion. As stated by Carl Jung, “One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers and with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings.”


Knowing that high quality teaching is vital to students’ success, C-CUE and the Bright Promise Fund host an annual event to thank all teachers of the Bright Promise Fund Schools for their service.


At this event a number of awards are granted to individual teachers who are outstanding in one or more areas.

Teachers and administrators are also honored for years of service in the Bright Promise Fund schools.

C-CUEs Newsletter

C-CUEs is a bi-weekly newsletter of information curated from the web by Harriet Potoka and sent to teachers, the administrators of the Bright Promise Fund Schools, other school leaders and subscribers. 


It highlights articles, quotes, and information to assist educators in staying informed about educational research and best educational practices. It also has links to articles that administrators or teachers can share with parents through their local social meet.  Click here to learn more and sign up on the mailing list.

Networking Conference

C-CUE and BPF sponsor an annual networking conference for the teachers and leaders of the Bright Promise Fund schools. The purpose of this conference is threefold:  1)  to provide teachers with the opportunity to meet and interact with their colleagues in the other Bright Promise Fund schools,  2) to encourage, support and inspire teachers as they serve in urban schools, and 3) to introduce teachers to ideas and programs to build their capacity as urban educators.

C-CUE Teacher Scholarship

The C-CUE Teacher Education Fund provides an annual scholarship of up to $1000 for a teacher currently teaching in one of the Bright Promise Fund Schools. 


The scholarships enable teachers to choose and attend a program which will improve their depth of knowledge of the subject(s) taught and/or enhance their teaching skills and effectiveness.  Details and an application form can be found here. 

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